Drawing has always been an important part of my life. A passion and a need. A means of getting to know the world around me. A way of working out ideas, of trying things out, of playing. But always with an eye on how I may progress beyond.

However, over the past few years I have started to see drawing as an act which I can enjoy for its own sake. This began in January 2016 with a project entitled ‘Sticks in the Smoke’, exploring London’s public green spaces. More about this project here.

Since then I’ve undertaken several other drawing projects, examples of which can be seen in these pages: secret stourhead, southleigh summer, winter wylye. The year- long series of drawings produced in my most recent project: a gap in the market, which I started in September 2020, were exhibited at Fisherton Mill, Salisbury from August- September 2021.

During the Bloomsbury Festival, London, I will be making drawings in the Bloomsbury garden squares, see more information here.

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