Sticks in the Smoke project


Beginning with the week starting 18 January 2016, I’m starting my ‘Sticks in the Smoke’ project: visiting, researching and drawing a different, randomly selected, public garden or park in Central London each week (from the City of London, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and the city of Westminster). This research will lead to a collection of paintings exploring the theme of city green spaces from the perspective of a rural landscape painter. I will be working towards an exhibition in London in 2017.

Every week I plan to post info about my visit on this blog along with images from my sketchbook. Find out more about my work at: and


I love the idea of following a theme through the weeks, months and seasons of the year. I’ve just completed a year of weekly drawings and studies (see images above and top) at Stourhead lake and gardens in South Wiltshire, which will form the content for my Stourhead 52 / 12 / 4 exhibition from 15 April – 5 May 2016.

Read more here: stourhead 52 12 4 News Release



3 thoughts on “Sticks in the Smoke project

      1. I know and you can give to every subject you choose your own interpretation, personal touch and another dimension in accordance to your inner state. Carry on and good luck with your future projects!


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